A Socratic Study of Euclid's Elements

Using the Socratic approach for the study of Euclid's Elements to increase the breadth and depth of understanding.
Studying The Elements of Euclid reveals the foundations of mathematical rigour and the systems through the lens of which we see the world today. Though the end result of the concepts covered in many of the books of the Elements will be familiar to those who have completed high school maths; seeing Euclid’s system come together to weave the fabric of maths and understanding the proofs from first principles is another matter entirely.

Creating a Zettelkasten with Hugo

Why you need a Zettelkasten, what a Zettelkasten is, and how to create a portable Zettelkasten using hugo and git. Based on the ideas of Niklas Luhmann and Umberto Eco.
Why do I need a Zettelkasten? The idea of a Zettelkasten struck me in a chat recently. I have been keeping physical journals, using a modified form of bullet journalling, for a while; I had been keeping less structured notes before that, and ruminating on how to digitize them. After learning about the concept of Zettelkasten, it seemed like the solution; and that led me down the rabbit hole of investigation.