The Iliad

The Iliad is a brutal war epic, perhaps the war epic. The work evokes images of Apocalypse now, or the landing at normandy.
The Iliad is a brutal war epic, perhaps the war epic. I started reading it back in August 2019. During the reading, I attended two seminars to discuss the book, and completed it in November. It was a hard read for me. That may have been because of the constant, grinding, unreal level of violence portrayed. Though this was my first reading of The Iliad, I will hazard a summary to crystalize my understanding.

A Study of the Great Books

A footnote in the chronicle of my quest for greater understanding through reading.
In August 2019 I became interested in reading the great books of Western Civilization. This interest started whilst considering, at length, the public school system in the United States. Both in consideration of my mixed experiences with it, and in planning for my children’s educations. I have always been an avid reader. However, I haven’t read many of, or studied in great depth, the foundational works of the West. In my research I stumbled upon Online Great Books via the Art of Manliness Podcast.