Cloud Engineer
Ceph Storage Specialist

I am a DevOps specialist who enjoys deploying clouds, working with storage clusters and Linux. In the process of creating Bitronic Technologies, and in my tenure at Concurrent, I have worked with CentOS/RHEL, Ubuntu, CloudStack, OpenStack, Ceph the components of each and more. This involved building enterprise grade layer 2/3 network architecture for our mission critical networks. I have also done quite a bit of WordPress development using both HTML5 and CSS3, check out my design portfolio to see some of my work.

Work Experience
Concurrent Computer Corporation
Storage Integration Engineer: 2015-Present

As a storage integration engineer at Concurrent, I work with cloud orchestration, bare-metal orchestration, scale out RADOS storage and appliance hardware.

Bitronic Technologies
Owner: 2007 - Present

As the owner of Bitronic Technologies I built a web hosting platform and cloud virtualization solution from the ground up. Starting with just one website on a virtual machine I grew the company into co-location on owned hardware and with over 2000 customers. In this position I have worked with cPanel/WHM, WHMCS, CloudStack, OpenStack, Ceph, Cisco Networking and more.

Etopia Technologies
Store Manager: 2013 - 2014

At Etopia Technologies I oversaw computer repair and day to day store operations. During this role I repaired over 3000 computers, laptops and mobile devices. I was instrumental in redesigning the company’s marketing (signage and website). I also designed wireless mesh network deployments for large campuses with site to site VPN.

Verizon Wireless
Store Manager: 2010-2011

As store manager, I was in charge of tracking stock, ordering phones, sales, day-to-day operations, marketing and more.

John Apperson Masonry
Mason: 2005 - 2010

As a stonemason at John Apperson Masonry I learned the true meaning of hard work and work ethic. Not to mention the timeless skill of stone masonry and the physical concepts of work orchestration.


Ceph Storage Engineer

I have deployed petabyte scale Ceph clusters and worked on Ansible automation for ease of ceph deployment.


I have developed cloud platforms, shared hosting platforms, IaaS and SaaS solutions for my hosting company Bitronic Technologies.

Linux System Administrator

With over 8 years experience in Linux CLI my linux skill are prolific. I have deployed public/private clouds, hosting platforms, billing systems, web servers, mail servers, node.js servers and more.

Web Design

I have designed over 40 websites based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and WHMCS over the years and I am conversant in HTML5/CSS3.

Network Administration

In my role at Bitronic Technologies I have designed the architecture that runs a network hosting over 2000 VMs and Websites.

Bash Shell Scripting

Shell scripting can be a huge time saver and solving problems using bash to reduce repetitive tasks and eliminate human error is something I have a lot of experience doing.

Python Development

I am proficient in the foundations of python OOP. I have worked with the Django and Flask frameworks and used python to create websites.