ShotgunR is The New Way to Shotgun Beer

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The new way to Shotgun Beer

I recently designed a website for ShotgunR (TM) and I thought is was a very cool idea. The website is designed using CSS3 and HTML5. It’ a simple countdown at present but the product has promise.

The methods used to shotgun beer have long been stagnant. There has been little innovation in years. Some people use keys, knives and other sharp objects to puncture cans. These methods can result in sharp edges and worse, spilled beer. ShotgunR (TM) is launching on Kickstarter(TM) November 1st and they claim to have a better way to shotgun beer. According to their website, it’s a patent pending shotgun shaped tool for making “the perfect shotgun hole every time”. It also has a bottle opener, so it can be used all the time.


The device creates a triangular hole to shotgun beer and curves in the sides to prevent cut lips. Sam Notaro is an engineer and frat brother who invented the ShotgunR (TM). According to Sam, “Keys are for cars, ShotgunR is for shotgunning”. ShotgunR (TM) was invented on a beach in California when the inventor was shotgunning beers with a few college buddies. The inventor was inspired by what he saw and said, “I was reminded how dangerous it is for people to jam knives toward their hands, especially while drinking, just to make a hole in a can. There has to be a better way to shotgun beer”. That’s why Sam started designing the ShotgunR (TM) back in May of 2014.

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After over two dozen prototypes, the last version is nearing completion. ShotgunR (TM) is launching their Kickstarter(TM) campaign to raise funds and begin production. The retail price will be $5, plus ShotgunR(TM) is made with durable and recyclable plastic. It has been made to last for lots of parties according to the Simplifii Design, LLC. They are the company slated to produce ShotgunR (TM).  In 2011 Sam and Frank Notaro founded Simplifii Design, LLC. in Mattituck, NY.

Sam Notaro received his BS in both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering as well as his MS in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2011. He has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 3 years, with several patents pending. ShotgunR (TM) intends to change the way people shotgun beer. To build buzz for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, Sam has demonstrated prototypes at bars and parties on Long Island. He uploads the videos daily to Facebook and other social networks.

ShotgunR(TM) could turn up at bars and other places where people shotgun beer in the near future. The Kickstarter will be launching in under two weeks. ShotgunR(TM) is possibly the next big thing for people who shotgun beer.


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