Setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu the Easy Way

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Setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu

The best way to setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu, like many other things, is to script it. This way it’s easier to create uniform deployment across larger networks. So, this is how you setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu the easy way – this neat little script makes installing OpenVPN on an Ubuntu VPS simple:

Go to your home directory:

Then create a file by running this command:

Press CTRL+D to save.


This simple script will got OpenVPN installed and working on your VM or box easily. OpenVPN is a great way to connect to a work network, remain private, and encrypt your endpoint.

It’s simple to run:

Installing OpenVPN on Ubuntu
Installing OpenVPN on Ubuntu

In just a few seconds you are all set, the script will automatically install OpenVPN and all the necessary dependencies, configure, and add a new user. Then just connect via SFTP and download the files to connect. Place them in the OpenVPN config directory on Windows or setup the values to match on a linux desktop.

OpenVPN is a very secure tunnel and I highly recommend it. I get near native speed running OpenVPN on a 512MB RAM Ubuntu 14.04 VM.

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